Eradicate Politicized Health Care

by delmeyer on 02/06/2020 8:28 PM HealthPlanUSA is the network concerned with bringing the best available ideas to a unified HealthPlan concept that will help resolve the health care problems in the United States. We think that Dr. Eakman’s goal in education should be our goal in medicine and health care: Eradicate Politicized Health Care by taking the federal government out of healthcare and privatize it through a system being developed by HPUSA.

Please review this section in by scrolling up or down after you access this report. To be realistic, the cost of health care falls into two categories—routine predictable outpatient office and ambulatory care which health insurance makes more expensive—and the unexpected emergency/ catastrophic care which requires health insurance. We review this debate in this section of the newsletter quarterly. We have also given details in the first several sections of this newsletter above.

To be brief, we have shown that basic ambulatory medical care is relatively inexpensive and costs about half of your insurance premium for this type of care. Therefore, it becomes twice as expensive if paid with insurance and you never know what it’s really or its value. As we get sick less often, it is even more economical to forego insurance coverage for basic office care.

Thus the only medical insurance we need is for the high cost of hospital care, surgery care, and trauma care. This is only a slight variation of when we had Blue Cross for hospital and emergency care and we had Blue Shield for surgical care.

The primary difference we propose with the High Deductible Health Insurance is that we propose the deductible should be equal to the basic care we pay directly. According to our extrapolation, this would be approximately $300 per year in our 30s, $400 per year in our 40s, $500 per year in our 50s, $600 per year in our 60s and as we live into our 70s, it would only be $700 a year in our 70s. This would then mesh with the various Medicare and Social Security reforms that are proposed since we are living 15 years longer than when social security was implemented. It’s obvious that we have to delay benefits, reduce benefits, or pay higher SS taxes. The SS taxes have already been increased from 2 percent to 12.5 percent in the first 75 years. It may be better to pay the 12.5% a little longer and begin benefits a little later to maintain the solvency of the SS system. This would entail delaying the age 62 benefits to age 65 and the full benefits currently proposed at age 69 to age 72 since our life expectancy is near 80 for men and 82 for women. This would be a relatively painless transition in order to save SS for our children and grandchildren.

The current high deductible of $2,000 to $5,000 creates a financial stress in our clinical experience. We think that retirement benefits hooked to our medical insurance does not fit with most of our patients in our clinical observations of our patients. Therefore, we feel that this graduated deductible is easily within the reach of most people.

We furthermore think that this is the only way we can privatize health care and make the costs reasonable.

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The Health Plan for the USA (HPUSA) has to neutralize the insurance/hospital/medical complex

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