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by admin on 06/20/2011 12:54 AM

Senator George: There is an increasing push to make health care Free-For-All!

Senator James: Why is this discussion even coming up? Isn’t health care the most expensive item in our budget?

Senator Franklin: Because of the liability of huge cost that Americans can’t pay.

Senator George: Insurance should be focused on covering those huge rare costs, not the usual costs that are less expensive when no run through an insurance company.

Senator Franklin: How would such a health insurance company differ from the standard health insurance coverage?

Senator James: It’s call high deductible health insurance. These policies are less than half of the standard health insurance policies.

Senator Franklin: How could we force individuals to purchase such a policy?

Senator George: If we would advertise these policies, people would purchase them. Everyone knows that huge hospital and surgical bills is a common cause of bankruptcy.

Senator James: No one wants to experience bankruptcy. When people spend their own money they are very cautious.

Senator Franklin: But the government makes it free and so they don’t have to worry about this.

Senator George: Doesn’t it cost the government a lot of money?

Senator Franklin: The people pay taxes which covers our costs in the Senate.

Senator James: Let’s just back up a minute and take a hard look at the cost. The Senate is frequently looked on the Rich Man’s Club. We don’t manage the people’s money for nothing. We get well paid and have a huge staff that helps us that have to get paid. We have to pay the doctors to take care of the patients. We have to pay the hospitals which are a super high rent enterprise. We have to pay the nurses that work in the hospitals and make the home care visits. We have to pay the pharmacies that deliver the medications to the hospitals or to the patients. We have to pay the physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists that take care of the patients that we force to be discharge early so that they can be treated at a lower level of care. We have to pay the nurses that do the discharge planning on every ward in every hospital to keep the doctors on their toes and push them to discharge their patients ASAP.

Senator Franklin: But we cut the fees that doctor’s charge, we cut the hospital charges. In fact the CMS cuts everyone.

Senator George: Do you feel that all these health care people that we cut involuntarily are happy with us?

Senator Franklin: Should we care?

Senator James: I think we better. There always comes a day of reckoning.

Senator George: I’m sure the Feudal Lords of Europe thought they were sitting in the catbirds seat and nothing could dislodge them. And then America was discovered. And their oppressed subjects established and migrated to this land of Freedom.

Senator James: America was the grandest experiment in human freedom ever. This has caused a prosperity that the world has never known existed.

Senator Franklin: I don’t think there is another land on the face of the earth that Americans could escape to.

Senator George: You’re right about that. But the Americans could vote you out of office and free themselves from the tyranny of Washington.

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