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by delmeyer on 04/28/2020 8:27 PM

With health insurance payments, whether Medicare or private, the listed costs are more likely than not grossly inflated. We have seen common ordinary medications like phenobarbital, aminophylline, Dilantin, and other necessary medications with posted costs of hundreds of dollars which is a hundredfold over previous charge. The reason given is that the pharmaceutical industry has given some programs such a huge discount that they are making up costs. This is really jeopardizing the health of many folks dependent on living a relatively normal life such as being free of seizures or hypertensive strokes.

Some doctors prescribe the latest pharmaceuticals which are quite expensive. I recently experienced a medication that costs $800 for a three-month supply. Blue cross charged me $40 but under no circumstances is BC paying the $760 balance.

It we paid for routine basic health care; we would opt for last year’s models at the discount houses which sell 400 basic medications for $4 a month or $10 for 90 days. The expensive medications become cheaper rather fast because the pharmaceutical houses need to sell the medications. The patients essentially control the cost because of free enterprise. I have never paid more than $40 for a three-month supply. When I receive the Medicare Printout every quarter, they want me to believe that they are paying $ thousands on my behalf. I see people that actually believe that. That’s unfortunate. It convinces those people that without Medicare or Blue Cross we would become destitute in a hurry. These folks are hard to convince that basic health costs are relatively inexpensive. Sometimes one can actually see people tremble to think of being personally responsible for outpatient health care.

Inexpensive major medical would be required for the expensive items:
Hospitalization; Surgery; Emergency and Trauma.

This is why socialism is so hard to be reversed.
Socialists know that once people are enslaved by the government, freedom seems too risky to pursue.

The Health Plan for the USA (HPUSA) has to neutralize the insurance/hospital/medical complex

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