Political Crime is reported from down under.

by delmeyer on 12/09/2020 1:07 AM

Thank you to the Australians for reporting America’s news. Our media is a disgrace.

Biden family criminal cartel is the root cause of the deep state swamp creatures.

Curious. Australian news will cover something the Marxist MSM will not.
Facts hurt for the brainwashed sheep.

Twitter is actively acting against the United States of America and should be treated as treasonous, traitors…

Biden’s son is like his father. He forgot what he did with his laptop. That’s why he never picked it up. He has a memory problem. Like father like son.

Mark Levin was right when he said: “if Joe Biden gets voted in as President of the United States, it’ll be the dumbest thing that America has ever done.”

So why hasn’t the Biden family not been arrested, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama too for probably being in on it?

Why don’t we know who killed Vince Foster? But most of us really know.

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Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.

– Ronald Reagan

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