7. Overheard on Capitol Hill: The Democratic Socialists Goal: Free Distribution of Healthcare

by admin on 11/05/2019 5:15 AM

Between Wilson, a Liberty/Freedom Senator and Sampson, a TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate) Senator

Senator Wilson:           There seems to be a run on who can give out the most benefits and make them free. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how much this is going to cost. Initial estimates are in the $trillions.

Senator Sampson:        We must make all of healthcare free just like Medicare.

Senator Wilson:            That’s a misnomer. We push it as being free but we still have to cover the costs.

Senator Sampson:        That’s not our problem. We just have to establish the laws and let the rest filter out where it can.

Senator Wilson:           That’s like uncle Sam is America’s Santa Claus. But doesn’t someone have to pay Santa Claus

Senator Sampson:        Aren’t there enough rich people that can support Santa Claus? We’re a rich country as you know.

Senator Wilson:           If everyone were in a rich country, we obviously would not need government help for basic health care. For the less fortunate we have Medicaid, a system of government assistance. There is a large complaint from these folks that they can’t find a doctor that accepts Medicaid. So if you put everyone in these government programs, and they can’t find a doctor that accepts the Medicaid payment schedule, aren’t we pushing physicians into black market healthcare system which you also propose to make illegal? Wouldn’t that put much of health care into a “bootleg” market?

Senator Sampson:        I don’t think that is realistic. Doctors have accepted the Medicare and Medicaid payment system, perhaps with a lot of resistance, but if we outlaw private practice, they will fall in line.

Senator Wilson:           Doctors were an innovative and entrepreneurial group. The medical schools may be changing that. We already are seeing practice going overseas. They may see minimal medicine in their local market, but all the major items could go to new modern complexes they could establish in Mexico, the Caribbean islands such as Grenada or Barbados and other outposts. They could also develop international health insurance companies since you even propose to make private insurance illegal. As we found in the 1960s with Dr. Annas heading the AMA, it only takes one person to change a program. But he didn’t have enough support to change the system.

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