7. Overheard on Capitol Hill: The New Invasion of our Personal Assets Between a Liberty/Freedom Senator Wilson and a TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate) Senator Sampson

by admin on 08/12/2019 1:21 AM

Senator Wilson:            It looks like the other half of the senate and the H of R are on a spending trajectory again. With senator from Massachusetts thinking there is some wealth out there we haven’t tapped. So we’ll get to their financial worth.

Senator Sampson:        There are so many needs for our country that we have to look at all possible sources of revenue.

Senator Wilson:            Delving into everyone’s financial statement is akin to a police state.

Senator Sampson:         But that’s what we have to do because all the conservatives are hiding their money.

Senator Wilson:            That’s just a liberal propaganda to hoodwink the public.

Senator Sampson:         I think we’re out in the open. There’s no hoodwinking.

Senator Wilson:            You’re trying to make it look like you’re going after the rich and prosperous. The wealthiest counties in the United States are Democratic who are now the Rich & Famous.

Senator Sampson:         Thant’s a lie. We are still the working class, the union class, and the underclass party to help these poor folks.

Senator Wilson:            Your leaders are making derogatory comment about the poor, the blacks and the deplorables. I think these folks are awakening that you have not helped them. Even a black president did not help the plight of the black people.

Senator Sampson:         I think the Blacks and Hispanics are still with us and will be with us through the elections.

Senator Wilson:            Eventually the God-fearing Blacks and the God-fearing Hispanics will realize where their future lies in the party that set them free. Then our country will move forward from the European class struggle to our revolution and freedom loving opportunity with no poverty class to a total entrepreneurial country, like our initial immigrants came here with no money but made fortunes with our freedom, that the entire world envies with many trying to get into this land of opportunity—even if illegally .

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What is Congress Really Saying?
Or do they even know what they are doing?

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