8. Innovations in Healthcare: Innovations will cease in Medicare-for-all

by admin on 11/05/2019 5:15 AM

The majority of socialists understand that we have enjoyed the greatest advancement in medicine and healthcare in this country ever. Most socialists recognize that. But equality trumps quality in their estimation. If everyone’s healthcare is slightly less, that is interpreted as the rich get less and the poor get more. The animosity towards the rich also surpasses quality of care. The socialists also have animosity towards the medical profession who they interpret as rich. They are not aware of the number of bankruptcies experienced by physicians. If made aware, they wouldn’t believe it.

With Medicare-For-All, the accomplishments in medicine and healthcare over the past century will go downhill. As we experience more resistant infections, the research for new antibiotics will decrease to that of other European, South American, Asian and African Countries. We will then revert to the plagues of yesteryear. Tuberculosis will again become a plague as the new resistant tubercle bacillus runs rampant throughout the world as it did in the nineteenth century when tuberculosis was endemic. When expensive pharmaceutical research grinds to a halt, will we have enough antibiotics in the pipeline to kill the newly raging pestilences?

Frank Ryan, MD, in his 1992 extensively researched Treatise, The Forgotten Plague-How the Battle against tuberculosis was won and lost, details the vast number of celebrities during the nineteenth century who succumbed to tuberculosis. He estimates that one thousand million (one billion) people died of consumption as it was then known. Dr Ryan contends that the war on tuberculosis was won and is now lost. The number of resistant tubercular bacilli we are currently encountering suggests that his prediction is coming true. That’s even more than all of socialism killed throughout the 19th and 20th century. If the United States accepts the Democratic Socialism of Senator Bernie Sanders or other democratic candidates vying for the presidential nomination, we will be thrown into a disease infested age which may surpass the medieval period of human history.

As we enter the dark ages of the modern era, will we be able to understand where we were and where we went wrong? The socialists are incapable of learning. They support socialism when it should be evident communistic socialism was able to annihilate one hundred million human beings, many in the Gulag. Nazi Socialism was responsible for 25 million tortuous deaths, many in the name of human experiments. One such cruel experiment required to lie on the earth in freezing weather and be sprayed with icy water while doctors measured their body temperatures to determine at what temperature they froze to death. The current Socialist contenders for the presidency hoodwink Americans by the false attachment of “democratic” before the word. Socialism is increasingly identified as essentially the first step to a Communist, Fascist, Nazi, or dictatorial state where survival is improved by being a racist compatible with the dictator’s orientation. The Ukraine has equated socialism with communism.

That is why the Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Debates are in total agreement with their racist socialist agenda for America where their racism is rampant. Should they gain the White House, would they be like the socialists in Communist Russia or the socialists in Nazi Germany or the killing fields of Cambodia? Who is our country would exchange the freedom we have enjoyed for three centuries for a life of oppression and restriction?

The current diatribe against President Trump began even before he was inaugurated—before crimes or misdemeanors could have occurred. Is the extreme anger shown by the Liberal Socialist taken as an opportunity to implement Medicare-For-All, a major step toward full Socialism?

I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence:  Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —. I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost:  The Road Not Taken

The election in 2020 will be our fork in the road.
Let’s take the one our Founding Fathers charted for us.

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The majority of alleged innovations such as “Medicare-For-All” does NOT improve healthcare.* * * * *

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