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Between a TSR senator and a Liberty/Freedom Senator

Senator LF (Liberty/Freedom): Now that Obama Care has been implemented, and I understand you voted for it, do you still feel that you have advanced the freedom of the American People?

Senator TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate): Senator, you have couched your question in a self- incriminating manner. I should plead the fifth. We have given the American people what they have wanted for nearly a century: never having to worry about their healthcare.

Senator LF: But now as Obamacare has been implemented, many patients aren’t enjoying this freedom not to worry. Many can’t find a health plan that they can afford or a physician that accepts Obamacare.

Senator TSR: We have accomplished the very best possible plan.

Senator LF: If the very best plan that we politicians have devised doesn’t improve healthcare, wouldn’t we have been better off to let the former system be continued and revised as necessary?

Senator TSR: But senator, everyone was unhappy with the prior system.

Senator LF: With nearly everyone being really unhappy with the new Obama system, what have we gained?

Senator TSR: Haven’t we accomplished achieving universal health care?

Senator LF: With 25% to 35% of doctors not accepting Obamacare, isn’t that even worse than the prior system of the 25% to 35% being uninsured?

Senator TSR: But look at what we have accomplished, those 25% to 35% now have insurance?

Senator LF: The latest estimate is that 25 to 35 million Americans will still be uninsured when Obamacare is fully implemented.

Senator TSR: I can’t believe that will be true. It just doesn’t make sense.

Senator LF: Canada is very proud of having 100% of its citizens covered by their Medicare. But they don’t have access to healthcare.

Senator TSR: It they are covered by their Medicare Plan, what do you mean they don’t have access to healthcare?

Senator LF: Senator, don’t you read the papers? People are dying in Canada while suffering on waiting lists waiting to be seen.

Senator TSR: But their politicians have given them universal coverage. That’s all that we politicians can do, isn’t it?

Senator FL: Maybe, but aren’t you confusing universal coverage with universal access?

Senator TSR: When we give the American People universal health care, that should cover everyone, doesn’t it?

Senator FL: Well, no. It doesn’t. Obamacare has been dumping many of the poor and helpless and homeless on Medicaid into HMOs under the pretext of giving the poor health insurance. Many doctors felt an obligation to have a certain percentage of their practice be on Medicaid patients as an act of charity. When their Medicaid patients became HMO type of patients they were inundated with so many new rules and regs that they stopped seeing their self-imposed quota of Medicaid patients. This caused a greater loss of access even though we patted ourselves on the back for giving them insurance. Then these same doctors would no longer see Medicaid referrals, which many consultants did out of courtesy to the referring physician. Hence, these former Medicaid patients were given a double whammy: Loss of their personal physician and loss of specialty care. How do you see us as having universal health care when so many don’t have access to care?

Senator TSR: I’ve never heard of anyone complaining as you have stated.

Senator FL: Then you may not have heard of the law suit in Canada where a patient was in great pain from hip arthritis and after two years brought suit against Canadian Medicare. It went all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court which sat on it for over a year before they were finally had to admit that this patient had a case and then ruled: Canada does not have universal healthcare, they only have universal access to a waiting list.

Senator TSR: Then maybe we need another LAW: Force doctors to see Medicaid patients?

Senator FL: Wouldn’t that be involuntary servitude? Didn’t our forefathers come to this country to escape that sort of bondage? Why do you want to revert to a past from which we escape for the most advanced freedom that human beings have ever experience?

Senator TSR: Maybe Hillary Clinton was right: American’s have too much freedom.

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