The Crown Jewel of ObamaCare Failures

by admin on 04/27/2019 1:20 AM

Greg Scandlen explains the irrationality of the individual mandate.

Now we get to the biggest failure of them all — the individual mandate. The premise was simple: If people aren’t buying what they should (in this case, health insurance), pass a law telling them they have to, and they will. Presto, Change-o problem solved!

Now, to be fair, Congressional Democrats weren’t quite that simple minded. They threw in lots of subsidies and required that insurers enroll anyone who applied, no questions asked. So, they made it affordable and available, along with being mandated. So, it should work like a charm, right?

Well, maybe in a vacuum. But in reality this rule is being inserted into a very complex and mature system of existing subsidies, responsibilities, and incentives. In this case, one of the primary factors is the role of employers in providing and paying for coverage.

Many people, including this writer, believe that placing that responsibility on employers was a major policy screw-up that created all the wrong dynamics in health care and virtually eliminated market functions because the payer and the consumer were not the same person. . .

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National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), December 5, 2012

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