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by admin on 02/20/2019 8:24 PM

HealthPlanUSA is the network concerned with bringing the best available ideas to a unified HealthPlan concept that will help resolve the health care problems in the United States. We think that Dr. Eakman’s goal should be our goal in medicine and health care: Eradicate Politicized Health Care by taking the federal government out of healthcare and privatize it through a system being developed by HPUSA.

Healthcare was affordable when patients paid for their care personably. When I was growing up in Kansas, office calls were one dollar. By the time I finished medical school in 1962, it had gone up to two dollars. A tonsillectomy was $35, and an appendectomy was $75.

Medical School Tuition was likewise affordable. As I recall, my medical school tuition was $175 a Quarter. My student total loan for medical school was $600. It was a struggle to pay this off during my internship. These have risen astronomically because of third party involvement—whether health insurance or student loans. This has compromised the person/patient/student involved to treat these expenses as a personal obligation.

When I entered into private practice in 1970, my Blue Cross/Blue Shield premiums were about $100 a quarter. It was here that I became aware of the extreme inflation in health care costs. Hospital costs in my first hospital were about $500 a day as I recall. I remember trying to discharge a patient when he was well and he insisted on another day to get “more well.”  When reminding him that this extra day exceeded his BlueCross/BlueShield annual premium, he responded “Why should I care since I have the insurance.” I asked him if he had to make a copay 10% or $50 a day, would that change his mind? “Certainly,” he stated, I’d go home right now.”

I also recall an orthopedic patient I was consulting on in about 1990. Just the room and board charge exceeded $2000 a day before any lab work, x-ray charges or surgical fees applied which would make the costs several times greater. The patient was convalescing well, and the orthopedist wrote the discharge order. This was on a December 22 and the patient caused a scene stating that she had out of town guests for Christmas and they could certainly hold the discharge until after Christmas. The extra charge for the four days would be more like six or eight thousand dollars didn’t register on this ladiy as an obligation “since she assumed it would be covered by her insurance. “

We still see advertisements for health insurance with NO DEDUCTIBLES and NO COPAYMENTS. The only way this can be economical feasible, is that the insurance companied have an overseer on each hospital ward or they have their own hospital arm where every order is an Electronic Health Records which can be monitored by anyone in that system.

I’m sure the Gestapo’s of the world wish they had such surveillance. Why do physicians accept such surveillance? This type of medical practice denies Hippocratic medicine where the focus on the patient changes to the focus on society.

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The Health Plan for the USA (HPUSA) has to neutralize the insurance/hospital/medical complex

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